She made her Off-Broadway debut in Naked Holidays 2012 and followed it up with a second display of public indecency in Naked Holidays 2013.

Fun facts: she once went bungee jumping and sky diving in the same day, she's seen two crocodiles getting it on (don't ask!), and she often feels like George Costanza when he says 'we're living in a society here!!!'. She is originally from Sydney, Australia but her background is Indian and Middle Eastern (among other things). 

Lee'at has studied at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, UCB and Magnet Training Center. 

Lee'at is represented by Abrams Artists Agency for On Camera Commercial and managed by Abby Finer at Finer Entertainment. 



Actress | Comedy | Characters | Improv

Lee'at Bruhl

Lee'at Bruhl is an actress, comedian and writer. She performs regularly at NYC's top comedy theaters including UCB, The PIT and Magnet Theater. She is currently on The PIT's Weekend Sketch Team 'Like Butter'.

Lee'at created, starred in, and wrote her own incredibly hilarious and smart (at least that's what her mum says) Web Series: 2 Girls, 1 Brooklyn - about 2 strong female entrepreneurs trying to make it in Brooklyn, without a clue! 

Lee'at just wrapped filming on The BSU series in which she got to spit on a guy for dumping her... did we say 'got to'... we meant, had to. HAD TO!  She also starred in the TV Pilot 'Gymrats', in which she plays Melissa Dykman, an off-beat yoga teacher. 


Check out the finished product of my 2014 Demo Reel and full scenes including the Gymrats trailer HERE.